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Bourbon Tours
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        With over 5 years in business, horsesNbourbon LLC specializes in Bourbon tours and rare Bourbon finds in Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region. We will explore the history and craftsmanship of Bourbon, where you will see the production process and savor the premium Bourbon in their tasting room. Bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels, the aroma is the most important part of the tasting but the fun part is the sipping.


        For your comfort, a 15 passenger high roof van has recently been added to the already extravagant fleet of Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury ESV’s. The van has leather seats, custom wood floors and lots of luggage space to accommodate big groups for any occasion. Whether you have a business expedition, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a getaway with friends, horsesNbourbon is ready to make your visit memorable.


        I am very passionate that my clients enjoy their time while visiting Kentucky on the Bourbon Trail. I believe planning is the most important part of your travels. I am very knowledgeable about the distilleries and I love helping clients plan their itinerary and giving my expert advice. My goal is to ensure you have the best experience that you can’t wait to book your next trip.

Experience the Best of Kentucky Bourbon Country with horsesNbourbon LLC: Premier Tours and Luxury Transportation

Welcome to horsesNbourbon LLC, the finest place for an unforgettable Bourbon tour experience in the heart of Kentucky's Bourbon country. Our organization, with over five years of experience and a long tradition of quality, provides the best Bourbon Tours Near Louisville, Bourbon Tour Lexington KY, and elegant Bourbon Tour Transportation Lexington KY. Join us as we dig into the essence of Bourbon, discover our top-tier services, and learn why horsesNbourbon LLC is the best choice for your excursions.

A Rich Heritage of Excellence

Founded with a love of both Bourbon and hospitality, horsesNbourbon LLC has become a beacon for people looking to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. We take pride in providing exceptional, individualized experiences. We are more than simply a tour business; we are a group of Bourbon enthusiasts, historians, and hospitality specialists devoted to displaying Kentucky's finest beauty.

The Bourbon County Experience

Bourbon was first produced in Kentucky in the 18th century. Our Bourbon Tours Near Louisville and Bourbon Tour Lexington KY allow you to experience this historic legacy up close. The region's rolling hills and gorgeous vistas provide the setting for a trip through time, revealing the skill, love, and history that goes into each bottle of Bourbon.

Our Bourbon Tours Near Louisville are designed to explore some of the most historic distilleries in depth. Louisville, often known as the Gateway to Bourbon Country, is home to ancient and modern distilleries. Our excursions will take you to well-known locations such as Heaven Hill, Angel's Envy, and Evan Williams, each of which will give you a unique peek into its illustrious history and inventive present.


For those wishing to discover the city's rich Bourbon culture, our Bourbon Tour Louisville KY is an excellent choice. This trip will take you through Louisville's thriving Bourbon culture, from historic Whiskey Row to modern urban distilleries. You'll learn about the city's historical significance in the Bourbon industry and experience unique tastings and behind-the-scenes excursions.

Luxurious Transportation Services

At horsesNbourbon LLC, the journey is equally vital as the goal. That is why we provide superior transportation services for your comfort and convenience.

Bourbon Tour Transportation Lexington, KY

Our Bourbon Tour Transportation Lexington KY service is designed to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. We provide a fleet of high-end cars, including luxury SUVs and sedans, to guarantee that you travel in style. Our expert drivers are informed about the area and dedicated to making your trip fun and instructive.

Black Car Service Louisville, KY

Our Black Car Service Louisville KY is the ideal choice for individuals seeking the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity. This service provides the finest levels of comfort, privacy, and elegance. Whether going on a distillery tour or attending a special event, our Black Car Service Louisville KY will guarantee you arrive in style. Our vehicles are outfitted with modern comforts, and our drivers are trained to deliver excellent service, making your trip unforgettable.

Why Choose HorsesNBourbon LLC?

Choosing us means committing to excellence, authenticity, and individual service. Here are a few reasons why we are the ideal option for your Bourbon Trail adventures:

  1. Expert Guides: Our excursions are conducted by knowledgeable Bourbon enthusiasts ready to share their vast expertise.

  2. Customized Trips: We offer trips tailored to your interests and preferences, delivering a unique and unforgettable experience.

  3. Luxury Transportation: Our top-tier transportation services offer unparalleled luxury and convenience, making your journey as delightful as the destination.

  4. Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive tours and tastings at some of Kentucky's most prominent distilleries.

  5. Comprehensive Tour Packages: Our all-inclusive tour packages include everything from transportation to tasting costs so you can relax and thoroughly enjoy your Bourbon experience.

Upcoming Events and Special Tours

At horsesNbourbon LLC, we constantly innovate to provide you with the finest Bourbon experiences. Here are some of the fascinating future events and special tours that we have scheduled:


Seasonal Tours

Our seasonal trips allow you to enjoy the splendor of Kentucky's Bourbon County year-round. From the vivid colors of autumn to the flowering landscapes of spring, each season provides a distinct setting for your Bourbon trip.

Book your tour with horsesNbourbon LLC!

Booking a trip with horsesNBourbon LLC is straightforward and convenient. Visit our website or call our customer service staff to choose the trip that best fits your interests and schedule. We offer several packages and alternatives to guarantee an unforgettable Bourbon tour experience.

Customized Tour Packages

Our bespoke tour packages are intended to give you a unique experience. Whether you're looking for a particular distillery, a specific sort of whiskey, or a distinctive component of the Bourbon-making process, we can build a tour to your preferences.

Group Tours

We provide group excursions for corporate events, family gatherings, and other occasions. Our group packages include luxury transportation, guided tours, and unique tastings to make your occasion unforgettable and pleasurable.

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